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... the diary of one Chicago guy pointing his car South and traveling to New Orleans to work, gut homes and not mess up the recovery efforts in New Orleans USA April 2006 ...

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday morning

Rain arrived last night. We went for dinner to the Bywater at a place called Elizabeth's. It's next to a levee and, driving through the narrow streets, you get a sense you're in another time. This place radiates mystery, it's not just a cliche.

Coming back home, the rain increased. It was needed. It rained throughout the night but upon morning, it was bright and sunny. It was not before I came here years ago I realized that different parts of the planet radiate different forms of light. Here, the sun is BRIGHT. Combine that with the flora, the lush green, the different shades of homes and you have an intense daily life.

After a soak in a big clawfoot bathtub (they don't shower here except on the first floor), I took a walk for a paper and coffee and now am about to head off to the jazzfest. I am really itchy from all that fiberglass insulation I handled all week. Plus tired. A good tired though. I'm walking to New Orleans but dragging my feet.

Here are some shots of my walk.

The Rue de Course, a local chain coffeehouse, this one in an old bank building.

After Mayor Ray Nagin played to black votes by promising New Orleans would be a "chocolate city," some whites were offended. Thus, these signs:
Hello kitty
Mighty oaks
Back to the casa de la Reyes. I love this house.
Now off to see Springsteen and company.


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