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Saturday, February 17, 2007

We're on WXRT

Rob and I had the pleasure of taping a two-hour edition of "The Eclectic Company" this week. We were guests of rock icon Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers) and local luminary Nick Tremulis, known for his own rockin' contribution to social justice issues. We talked about our work last year for Habitat plus played TONS of New Orleans music — classic R&B, indie weirdness, zydeco, etc.

It airs in Chicago Tuesday 2/20 10 p.m.-midnight CENTRAL TIME via WXRT 93.1-FM. If you're outside Chicago you can stream it live via their website, wxrt.com.

Thanks to Marty Lennartz, Jon and Nick. We had a lot of fun.

Check the site for a new chapter on this journey.


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